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Adding Teachers to Your School or Group Plan
Adding Teachers to Your School or Group Plan
How to assign your school or group licences to other members, so that they can access Teach Starter Ultimate.
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Once you have signed up for your school or group plan, you will be able to assign the purchased licences to your friends and colleagues.

You can do this by clicking this link.

Once you have assigned your licences, your friends and colleagues will be able to log in to their own Teach Starter account and start downloading!

What if the member doesn't receive an email with their login details?

Please double check to ensure that you have entered the correct email address. If their email address is correct, then ask them to check their spam or junk email folders. 

If they still haven't received login details, the next step is to instruct them to reset their password.

What if the member I am adding already has a paid subscription?

In this case, the member will need to contact us so that we can cancel their account and issue a pro-rata refund. Once this has been completed, you will be able to assign the member a licence.

Can I change the group admin or remove the admin's licence?

No. The person who signed up for the subscription will remain the group admin for the duration of the subscription. The group admin also counts towards the used licences. 

For example; you sign up for a group plan with 15 licences. You will have 14 licences available to assign to other members.

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