Choose from over 15 exciting, easy-to-use apps to use in your classroom. Sign up to Plus to access all of our widgets, or make use of our essential widgets* on the Essential Plan.

*'essential widgets' include Dice Roller, Random Sentence Starter, Random Name Selector, and Vocabulary Word of the Day Spinner for members outside of the USA.

Our Widgets are split into the following categories:

  • Generators

  • Games

  • Interactive

  • Utilities


Generator Widgets allow you to make your own resources. These widgets include:

  • Labels and signs

  • Maths worksheets

  • Word searches

  • Numbers & words posters

  • MAB flashcards


Interactive Widgets are useful tools to use in the class during a lesson. Currently, you can use:

  • Random student selector

  • Random sentence starter selector

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