Choose from over 15 exciting, easy-to-use apps to use in your classroom. Sign up to Plus to access all of our widgets, or make use of our essential widgets* on the Essential Plan.

Our Widgets are split into the following categories:

  • Generators

  • Games

  • Interactive

  • Utilities


Generator Widgets allow you to make your own resources. These widgets include:

  • Labels and signs

  • Maths worksheets

  • Word searches

  • Numbers & words posters

  • MAB flashcards


Interactive Widgets are useful tools to use in the class during a lesson. Currently, you can use:

  • Random student selector

  • Random sentence starter selector

*'essential widgets' include Dice Roller, Random Sentence Starter, Random Name Selector, and Vocabulary Word of the Day Spinner for members outside of the USA.

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