Setting Your Language
Teach Starter supports a number of different English language variations.
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How your default language is set

Your default language is chosen according to the Location setting found on your Member Profile.

Resources offered in three English dialects

Teach Starter provides resources in:

  • American English (en-US)

  • British English (en-GB)

  • Australian English (en-AU)

There are subtle spelling differences like 'apologise' in British English and 'apologize' in American English, not to mention a range of grammar nuances. Other differences include metric and imperial measurements and currency denominations.

If you're teaching in a country outside of America, Australia or the UK, you'll be shown the default English dialect that is most relevant to your country. If you think what you're seeing is not quite right, you can always change this - simply update your location using the flag in the bottom right of the page, or in the location setting in your search filters, and choose from your preferred dialect of the three.

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