Teach Starter provides resources in:

  • American English (en-US)

  • British English (en-GB)

  • Australian English (en-AU)

There are subtle spelling differences like 'apologise' in British English and 'apologize' in American English, not to mention a range grammar nuances.

Other differences include metric and imperial measurements and currency denominations.

Our resources are created in British & Australian English by default, however we are constantly expanding our support for American English.

If there's a resource that needs to be updated to support American English, simply email us at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to update it - usually within 24 hours of your request, and often much sooner.

Changing your default language

To change your default language, simply navigate to the Edit Profile Details page. To do this, click on the cog icon in the navigation bar and then click 'Edit your settings'.


On the Edit Profile Details page, you can select your default language using the language drop down menu. Once selected, click save.

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