To redeem the coupon or gift card, proceed to the checkout and enter the code in either the Coupon code box or the Gift Card code box.

Complete the checkout process by entering your billing details. If you have a gift card that covers the cost of your subscription, your billing source won't be charged.

We have two types of Teach Starter Gift Cards at the moment:

  • A Green Gift Card - that is handed out at exhibitions, trade events and expos

  • A Digital Gift Card - that is purchased online and is sent via emailĀ 

If you have a Green Gift CardĀ 

Please simply enter the coupon code that appears on the back of the Gift Card into the 'Coupon code' field at the Checkout.

If you have a Digital Gift Card

Please enter the gift card code that appears on the digital Gift Card email into the 'Gift Card code' field at the Checkout.

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