Teach Starter has welcomed other premium third-party publishers to the Teach Starter platform. Because these resources are not created by Teach Starter, they are not part of the Teach Starter subscriptions. They are being offered as a pay per resource option.

We have allowed these third party publishers to publish their resources on Teach Starter as a way of providing our members with more quality options and content.
These publishers have been vetted to ensure that their resources live up to the high quality that we create here at Teach Starter.

If you are a subscriber, you will continue to receive access to all Teach Starter resources you have always had access to.

Hiding third-party publisher resources

If you are a paying subscriber and do not wish to see third-party publisher resources, you can easily hide them by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Personalisation

  2. Click the 'Display' settings Edit button

  3. Click Hide next to 'Third-Party Publisher resources'

Third-party publisher resources will now be hidden from your home feed, topic pages, and search.

Selecting specific publishers to display

You can also decide which publisher's resources you see in your search results by clicking on More Filters button in the filters bar, then scrolling down to the 'Publisher' filter:

Clearing filters to see all resources

When you're searching, if you ever want to see all resources, including third-party publisher resources, simply click CLEAR ALL in the filters bar.

However, if you have hidden Third-Party Publisher resources in your Personalisation settings, the next time you search or view a topic page third-party publisher resources will be hidden once again.

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