Assess makes it easy to add students to classes in your account, enabling you to quickly assign projects to whole classes, individuals, or a combination of both for differentiation purposes!

Adding a Class

To add a new class, simply click on the 'Students' tab from the top navigation bar. 

This will take you to your Manage Students Dashboard. Any existing classes of students will be listed here. To create your first class, click the 'Add New Class' button. 

You will then be able to add a student name and create a password for them. This can be the same for each student or unique to the individual, whichever is preferred, however we do recommend keeping these as secure as possible. 

You can add up to 30 students to a class, and by default will have 2 classes available to you. If you need to request more classes, please contact us.  Once your list is complete, you can download a copy of the usernames and passwords to an Excel sheet using the download arrow in the top right, just underneath your display photo. 

Assigning Projects to a Class

Once you have created your Assess project, you can then choose students to assign that project to. Click on the 'Assign' tab to view the assign dashboard. 

Here, you are presented with a number of options, including 'choose students to assign to', 'print', 'share' (to share with other teachers you may be co-teaching with or creating assessment for), and 'Share to Google Classroom'.
To assign your project directly to your students, look at the 'Choose students to assign to' section and tick the checkbox next to your preferred class.  All students in that class will appear in a dropdown menu, with a tick next to their name to confirm that they will be assigned this project. If you do not wish to assign to all students, you can deselect the individual by clicking the tick next to their name. This is particularly useful for differentiation purposes.

Once you have selected your individuals, choose a start date and time, and select to add an end date if you wish to close off the project at a certain time. This will allow you to set timed examinations, set tasks for just a week, and plan ahead as much as you like! 

Once you have chosen your dates, click the 'Review, then assign' button. On the following page, you can confirm the students you are sending the assessment to as well as the start and end dates. You can always come back in and change these dates if needed. Finally, click the 'Assign activity now' button to send your project off to your students!

Changing the Assigned Date or Adding Additional Students

If you need to change the date, simply view the assigned activity and click the 'Edit' button on the far right of the activity dates to update them. To add students after already assigning the task, simply lock and then end your activity, and you will then be able to re-assign. Alternatively, you can duplicate the activity from your main dashboard and assign that to any missing students.

How Do Students Complete Their Assess Projects?

Your first project has been assigned! To go directly to the student view to have students complete the project in class, simply click on the 'open in new tab icon' next to their name to enter straight into their account. Note that you will still be logged in as the teacher, this is just a simple way to have your class complete the task via shared devices without needing to worry about passwords! 

To have a student view and complete their projects on personal devices, they can either visit the My Teach Starter app, available from the App Store and Google Play, or by visiting Simply provide them with their username and password, accessible at, and they're good to go!

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