Assess allows you to quickly and easily view your students' responses, grade submissions, and view results. Results can be accessed either via the drop down menu from the top right, from within an individual assessment, or from

The Results Overview

When opening an individual assessment, you can quickly see all students that have completed the task, when this occurred, and any existing marks that have been assigned already. In the below image, only one student has completed the activity and is waiting to be graded, as seen by the blue 'Grade' link in the Score column. 

Grading Results

When you open the results view for an individual assessment, you will see a list of all submissions. Click 'Grade' to open an individual's assessment and begin the marking process. 

Most assessments will have an automatic mark assigned to them, unless you have specified otherwise in the assessment creation. When you open an individual's submission, you will see the automatically graded responses, and be able to change the marks and add notes where needed. This allows you to issue partial marks if a multi-level question is partially correct (marks must be a whole number), add notes for the student on what they did well or could improve upon, provide further feedback, and more. 

Once you have reviewed and are happy with the overall grade, click the submit grade button in the top right. This can be updated if you need to make changes again. 

Viewing Final Results - As a Teacher

Once final results have been issued for each student, you can then view all in the results overview section. 

You can view results either by student, by question, or by curriculum code if any were linked to the assessment. The general view will provide an overall score for each student on the current assessment, the question view a breakdown of percentage right per question and which students were correct, and the curriculum view will show how your students are performing against each allocated curriculum code to help you identify gaps in their knowledge. 

Viewing all results for a single student

To view how a single student has performed over all tests issued, simply click on their linked name in the general results view to open their portfolio. This will show you all assessments they have been assigned, when they have completed them, and the scores or grades for each. 

Viewing Final Results - As a Student

Once you have graded a project, the student will be able to login to their account and view their overall grade, individual marks, and any comments left. 

By clicking on the marked project, they will see a breakdown of each question, the mark associated, and any comments you have left. 

Downloading Results

Results can be downloaded as a CSV for each assessment or each student. Simply click the download button to the right of your results to export the CSV file. This can then be opened with Excel.

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