Our online lesson builder allows you to create digital lessons for your students to complete remotely. Upload a video or an image, add text and include resources, then share securely with students via a unique link with a pin of your choosing. 

The simple format of our online lesson builder allows students and parents to view lessons and download resources without the need for a Teach Starter account. Your lesson is secure! View Emma's blog for a step by step video instruction, or read on below for more. 

How do I access the builder? 

To access the online lesson builder, visit your home feed by either logging in to your account, or clicking the home button in the top navigation bar. From here, select 'Online Learning' from the left hand menu. 

You will then be taken to your Online Learning Resources Hub, where all existing lessons are stored, and new ones can be created. Click the 'Create' button to start a new build!

How do I create a lesson? 

Once you are in the lesson creator, you can edit the lesson in a number of ways! Update the title by clicking the bold 'My Online Lesson' and entering in a new title, upload an image for the lesson or a related video from YouTube or your computer (pro-tip: this can be a short video of you explaining the lesson to your students), and add to text to type out your lesson instructions and questions!

How do I add resources?

If there is a resource on Teach Starter that relates to your lesson, you can also link that directly from within the lesson to enable students to download the file directly to their computers or devices without the need for a Teach Starter account. 

To the right, you will see a search bar that says 'add a resource'. Simply begin typing the name of the resource you want to include, and select it from the list of suggested results. There is no limit to the number of resources you can include. 

How do I preview my lesson? 

To preview your lesson, click the 'View the live page' link in the settings menu.

How do I share my lesson? 

To share a lesson with your class, you can either Share on Google Classroom, or simply copy the link and pin and send that to your students. 

To copy the link and pin, triple click the link in the 'link to share' box and press ctrl+c on Windows or cmnd+c on Mac to copy the link to your clipboard. Paste this in the email or message you are sending to your class. Then you can also type out the pin that displays to the right. This can be altered if you would like, simply by clicking on each number and replacing with your preferred code.  

Share on Google Classroom

To Share on Google Classroom, click the green Google Classroom icon at the top, and follow the prompts to upload and assign! 

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