Teach Starter's Assess allows the creation of quizzes, assessments, questionnaires and more using a variety of question types to best suit your classroom needs. For more information on each question type, see below!


Statements can be used by you to insert text, images or instructions at the beginning, end or throughout activities. There is nothing for the student to complete, and they simply hit next to continue. 

Text Response

Text responses allow you to ask an open-ended question.

Any answers typed in the 'optional answer' field will not be seen by your students, however their response will be auto-graded looking for an exact match on the answer you provide. During the grading flow, you can adjust any answer marked incorrect to correct if needed. 

Feel free to leave the 'optional answer' field blank if there is no exact answer you are after or you wish to self-mark responses. 

Fill in the Blanks

Our fill in the blanks question type allows you to create a number or word sentence with gaps for students to fill in to complete the sentence. Simply add the words you want the students to complete inside square brackets. 

There is no limit to the length of the sentence or the number of close text responses, so the question can be anywhere from two to three words or a whole paragraph. Auto-grading is not case sensitive. 

Multiple Choice

Our multiple choice option allows you to provide a number of options for you students to choose from. You can add both pictures and/or text to your answer options, as well as select multiple correct answers by ticking the box next to the responses. 

There is no limit to the number of possible answers you can enter, and responses will be auto-graded. 

Match the Options

Match the Options questions require students to drag and drop a word or image to its matching word or image on the left. Only one correct match per row is possible, and we do not currently offer the ability to have 'red herring' options present in the list. 

Students are able to change their responses if they accidentally drop an option into the wrong spot. Simply click, drag and drop again to rearrange. 

Sort to Groups

Sort to Groups is similar to Match the Options, however you are able to have a number of words or images belonging to the one group. Unassigned options can be added by clicking on the three settings dots in the lower lefthand corner of the question, clicking 'settings', and then turning the 'Unassigned options' selector on. Students can change their responses if they drop the option into the wrong group. 


Draw questions allow students to draw their response to the question using their mouse, finger or tablet pen, depending on the device being used. This question type can also be used as a fun brain break during the activity, and will not be automatically graded due to the nature of draw responses. 

Students can clear their image if they make a mistake while drawing, and start over. 

You can also leave yourself a note in the preview to remind yourself of the answer you were looking for when it comes time to grade! This preview will not be shown to the students when completing the activity, and is for your own reference only. 

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