Logging in as a Teacher

Logging in is made simple at teachstarter.com/login/. Once you have logged in to your Teach Starter account, navigate to the ‘Resources’ menu in the top header of the website and click ‘Assess’. Your Assess dashboard will open. Alternatively, visit app.teachstarter.com/assess.

Download the My Teach Starter app to get an at-a-glance view of class progress on shared activities as well as facilitate group sessions or rotations of class shared devices.

Logging in as a Student

On the Website

Go to my.teachstarter.com/student/login/ and login with the username and password provided by the teacher.

On the My Teach Starter app

Download the My Teach Starter app. Students can login (we advise on personal devices only) with the username and password provided by the teacher. 

By not logging out, students can continue to access Assess with a single touch for all future sessions.  

We may occasionally make updates to the app in the future, which will log users out and require login with their username and password again. 

Group Sessions & Shared Devices

Teachers can also login to the My Teach Starter App on shared or school devices to best manage class/device rotations and student turns with speed and simplicity. 

Upon logging in, a teacher member can select the class and a student from the class list, and pass the device over. Teacher users should login and assign a device to students one at a time. 

Once in a student profile, students can see, access and complete or review all shared activities, as they would in the desktop experience. Only the teacher member can log the student out and select another, using a 4-digit pin they create; this mitigates mishandling of student access and data by other student peers.

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