Below are some of our frequently asked Assess questions. For further information, take a look at our Help Desk articles. 

Can I share activities with other members?

You can share the Assess activities that you have created with other users. Simply navigate to the ‘Share’ tab in the activity, click the ‘Share with peer’ button in the top right. Enter the email addresses for your desired recipients in the overlay, and send. Those contacts will get an email with a link to their copy of the activity, which they will be redirected to after logging in or signing up. 

How does Assess manage data and student privacy?

Teach Starter Assess does not store any identifiable student data except for a name created by you, the teacher. This name is stored against student record data and encrypted for extra security. All Student data is stored on servers local to your (the Teach Starter member’s) location. Members in Australia will have student data stored on Australian servers. Members in the US and surrounding countries will have data stored on US-located servers. UK and surrounding countries member data will be stored on UK-located servers.

Download an example Parent Consent Form.

Does Assess work with the Australian C2C model?

C2C has been designed as a starting point for school curriculum planning and can be adopted or adapted to meet individual student learning needs and to suit local school contexts. Teach Starter will not monitor, nor take any responsibility, for any users who directly copy C2C materials into an Assess activity without adaptation for their student needs. 

Can I print activities?

All activities can be printed in low colour from the dashboard or from the share screen. Print and share the old-fashioned way with ease. If you want to record students’ paper responses, head to the ‘Results’ screen and grade all the ‘Incomplete’ student records. 

Can I access Assess offline on my device?

At this time, activities are not accessible offline, but stay tuned. We are working on this via the My Teach Starter App.

Which devices are compatible with Assess?

Assess can be used on any desktop and browser, as well as on Apple and Android devices via our My Teach Starter App.

Who is the My Teach Starter App for?

The My Teach Starter App supports any user’s experience. Students can login directly (we advise on personal devices only) with the credentials you provide. Access Assess with a single touch for all future sessions. 

After installing the My Teach Starter App on all class or school shared devices, students can either login directly (as per above), or teachers can use their credentials to manage class device rotations and student turns with speed and simplicity. 

Once in a student profile, only the teacher user can log the student out and switch to another student account, ensuring no inappropriate use of the device by your student cohort.

What happens when I archive an activity?

All of your data is lost, please export your data before you delete. Go Plus for unlimited access to activities and data.

I have more than two classes, can you help me?

On Plus you can request extra class limits. Apply now. 

Who owns the content I add?

You are the author of the content added to the activities you create, so ensure you are adding content legally and in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Who owns the template content use?

All template content is copyright and owned by Teach Starter. Please read our Terms of Use. 

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