Assess is a digital activity builder and sharing platform for all. All Teach Starter members can use the product,  with some limitations on class, activity and share counts on lower tier plans and for free members. Plus members have full access with unlimited use.

How many activities can I create on my plan?

– Free : 3 active activities
– Basic, Essential, Starter, Teacher: 3 activities
– Plus: Go Plus for unlimited activities & data retention

With how many questions?

There is no question limit per activity.

How many students can I have?

Assess allows all members up to two classes with 30 students in each. Need more? Plus members can contact [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements. 

How do students use assess?

Students can securely login to Assess as follows:

  1. Navigate to and login with the username and password you provide. 
  • Download your student Username and Password sheet here.

2.  Download the My Teach Starter App. 

  • Teachers can use their in details to manage student access on school shared or classroom devices. 
  • Students can also download the app onto their personal devices, login using the username and password you provide single-touch access for every future session. 
  • We may occasionally update the app in the future, which will temporarily log users out and require them to login with their username and password again. 
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