Teach Starter hosts a wide range of events across the country and internationally, from casual lunches to VIP events. There's something to suit everyone!

To check out our upcoming events and reserve or purchase your tickets, click the link below now!

Teach Starter Teach Stars

No event listed in your city, or you have been to one previously and loved it? Why not consider becoming a Teach Star and hosting your own event? 

Our Teach Stars bring the teaching community together for in-person events including teacher meet-ups, guest speaker events and learning opportunities, all with the support and guidance of Teach Starter staff.

Interested in learning more? Click below to find out everything there is to know about being a Teach Star and to apply.

Hosting your own event? 

Teach Starter support events through merchandise and materials upon request. To find out if your event is eligible please complete the request form.

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