From time to time, the Teach Starter team will send you important messages or helpful tips so that you can make the most of your Teach Starter experience. 

These messages appear from our green Chat Notification icon in the bottom right corner of the website.

Starting a Conversation

To start a conversation, simply click on the green Chat Notification icon.

Next, click New Conversation.

You can then type a message or visit the Help Center.

Closing a Notification Message

To close an open message, simply click on the X button in the bottom right corner.

Turning Chat Notifications On or Off

To turn Chat Notifications on or off, simply visit your Notification Settings page. On this page, you can follow these steps to turn off Chat Notifications:

  1. Click edit next on the Chat Notifications section. This will reveal additional settings. 

  2. Click the Show or Hide toggle button.

  3. Click Save Chat Settings

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